COVID-19 - Latest travel advice / Inspire is now open Sundays 11AM-3PM

Inspire is currently open 11AM-3PM Sundays until 28th February 2021

Your Holiday

If you have any concerns about booking your holiday amid all of the news surrounding the Coronavirus, you`re not alone. Everybody at Inspire is committed to helping you secure your holiday without the added stress of worrying what will happen should your trip no longer go ahead.

If you are unable to travel, Inspire will help protect your booking and help with any new arrangements. The following options are open to all of our customers*:


1. Amend your travel dates
Inspire's fulfilment team will explore the possibility to postpone your trip to a later date and will not charge you an admin fee to make these changes. Depending on the cost of the new arrangements, you may be required to pay additional costs or be due a refund of the difference, which will be advised to you.

2. Amend the destination of travel
Inspire's fulfilment team will work with you evaluate the new locations you would prefer to travel to, and explore the possibility to move your trip to an alternate destination. Depending on the cost of the new arrangements, you may be required to pay additional costs or be due a refund of the difference, which will be advised to you.

3. Cancellation
The ability to cancel your trip in accordance with our terms and conditions, where cancellation charges are likely to apply. If this is your preferred option, we will work to limit the cancellation costs and will not charge you an admin fee. We will also provide all necessary documentation required by your insurance company without delay to see whether you are able to recover any of these costs.

*Should a customer wish to cancel or change a booking that is still due to depart, normal fees apply as per T&Cs.

What will happen if there is a Coronavirus outbreak at my location whilst on holiday?
This will depend on the advice that health authorities in the affected area are providing to local people. Follow this specific advice and then see if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have updated their advice. You should speak to your healthcare provider or travel insurance company as soon as possible for further guidance.

Inspire's fulfilment team will also be on hand and will keep in contact with you to understand what advice you may have been given. We will always provide you with appropriate assistance if you are in difficulty. This will include providing any relevant information on health services, local authorities and consular assistance, in addition to in assisting you in communications and helping you to find alternative travel arrangements if possible and relevant to the situation.

What happens if my flights get cancelled?
We will contact you and provide you will alternative flights so that you can still enjoy your holiday. If there are any significant changes to your holiday, then this will be covered by our standard terms and conditions.

Are there any travel restrictions I should be aware of?
Some countries have entry restrictions in place for travellers who are either arriving directly from countries where there have been major coronavirus outbreaks, or have visited them within the past 14 days. This is a rapidly evolving situation, so please check with the FCO to check if this affects you or speak to one of our qualified advisors.


From Monday 27th July, the FCO advise against all non-essential travel to Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks in the country. If you are concerned that this may affect your booking, please see the following links for relevant information from travel suppliers:

British Airways








For the most up to date travel advice please see GOV.UK Foreign Travel Advice -